Good to know


  • are based on established biomarkers
  • have been evaluated by independent experts
  • give comparable results to hospital lab tests
  • medical components manufactured in UK and EU laboratories
  • are manufactured to the same stringent medical device quality assurance systems as hospital lab tests

But your doctor would want you to be aware that no biomarker, even when checked by your hospital lab, is 100% perfect at diagnosing a specific medical condition.

Because of this, a false positive result may cause unnecessary worry and further investigations, whilst a false negative result may give you peace of mind, when actually there may be an underlying condition that requires treatment.

Rather than purchasing a self-test kit, you may wish to speak with your NHS GP instead, who can arrange for tests if needed. Also, some organisations and companies provide free tests for their employees - find out more about occupational health checks here.

Make sure that you have considered what a result will mean to you before deciding to test. At SELFCHECK, you can also speak with our health check experts if you need help to use your test or interpret your results.