Love SELFCHECK but would like an own-label?

So, you love the high quality of our self-test kits, and the professional customer service that you get with SELFCHECK, but you're a major UK multiple retailer and now feel the time is right to launch your own brand of self-test kits for the UK market?

Well, we can help!

We have been developing and manufacturing medical diagnostics long before COVID-19 emerged, and our focus has always been to provide the highest quality products and professional, expert, customer service rather than compromising for the sake of price. It's healthcare after-all! And patients deserve to have complete confidence in the performance of medical products, whether they are used in the hospital lab, or at home with a self-test kit.

That's why all our medical components are hospital grade, manufactured in the EU, and assembled at our labs in the UK. So, your brand can rest assured knowing that your products have been extensively evaluated, meet all UK and EU legislation (IVDD/IVDR), and are registered with MHRA. Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) and batch records, detail the source, and reference every component during manufacture, as part of our medical device quality assurance system (ISO13485:2016).

Our instructions-for-use are written in easy-to-read, clear English, specifically for ordinary people, and provide information on the background of the test, and appropriate information and signposting following a result.

Our UK manufacturing labs are certified for the design, development and assembly of medical diagnostics, and independently audited by UKAS certified auditors.

Having exclusively EU suppliers and UK manufacturing also means that we have quite short lead times, low freight costs, long expiry dates - and it's easy to work with us!

We can even design your packaging and information leaflets, and provide your customers with our professional, expert customer support if required.

Like to know more about our complete range of self-test kits? contact us.

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