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Customer care

SELFCHECK self-test kits have been specifically designed to be easy to use, giving you reliable results in minutes, with customer service you can rely on.

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Proven quality

Our medical self-test kits are CE certified, registered with MHRA, and contain the same components used in hospital laboratory and clinic tests. Available from leading UK retailers.

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Results in minutes

The SELFCHECK range includes instant tests for thyroid health, cholesterol, diabetes, stomach ulcer (H pylori), bowel cancer, gluten sensitivity (coeliac disease), prostate cancer (PSA), and many more..

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Let's be up-front about medical tests

Medical tests can provide important information about your health, but a test result by itself is not a diagnosis.

Our self-test kits detect the same biomarkers as tests used by your doctor, or hospital lab, and are reliable, safe and easy to use by anyone at home. Nevertheless, all medical tests, whether performed by a hospital lab, or at home with a self-test kit, may give some people false positive or false negative results. This is because no biomarker is 100% reliable for a specific disease.

For some biomarkers, the number of false positive or negative results can be quite high, so it is important that you are aware of the consequences that a test result may have before you consider self-testing. False positive results may cause unnecessary worry and may prompt unnecessary investigations or doctor's appointments. False negative results may give you reassurance that you are healthy when you may have a medical condition that requires treatment.

So, before you decide to use a self-test kit, make sure that you fully appreciate what the test result will mean to you.

If you have symptoms that concern you, then you should always speak with your doctor.


Just wanted to let you know received results from GP blood test last week and confirms I have coeliac disease. I am excluding gluten and feel better already. I would like to thank you for this product and the support and advice given- sounds corny but it has changed my life. I have put up with so many symptoms associated with coeliac disease for years and felt progressively more sick. I had visited a GP years ago and was prescribed medication for IBS. Without this product and your advice I wouldn’t have dreamt of going to see a GP feeling that I was wasting their time and my symptoms were just something I had to live with. Without meaning to be disrespectful it may not have been a test performed by the GP either. Huge thanks to you - really am very grateful. Kind regards,


'The test kit arrived very quickly and I am pleased to say that after I had five minutes of insufficient breathing, I was consoled to see only one line on the test results.
I have the NHS biannual test as well but much can go wrong in two years so, to be able to assure myself at a time when my ‘innards were revolting’ is absolutely wonderful.  I find that others have not heard of this inexpensive test and this concerns me. More people need to know of it.
My Thanks and Best Regards,


This is the only brand I trust.  I use your health products only because they are the only ones, for me, that are reliable and trustworthy and have gone through stringent trials and accreditation and are the same as the lab checks.  The best ever, give full peace of mind and re-assurance. 5 out of 5


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