SELFCHECK self-test kits are assembled in the UK by British biotech company JR Biomedical Ltd who also supply routine clinical diagnostics for use by the NHS as well as diagnostics for medical research.

Our growing range of self-test kits can be found in many major UK retailers as well as independent pharmacies.

Our aim with SELFCHECK is to ensure that you can access high quality self-test kits that are based on the same clinically proven principles found in our hospital laboratory tests and used by your doctor, together with professional customer service.

Medical tests, whether used at home or in the hospital lab are regulated in the UK and EU in exactly the same way, ensuring that your tests are safe, easy to use to use and give reliable results. As such, all SELFCHECK medical tests are CE certified for self test use according to the In Vitro Diagnostics Directive/Regulations (IVDD/R) and registered with MHRA.

The regulations for self-test devices are far stricter than the current requirements for hospital tests. Certification is only granted following an external review of each test by an independent Notified Body, where the manufacturer has to demonstrate that each test;

  • conforms to accepted analytical and clinical performance
  • only contains components, such as the device, lancets and swabs, that are the same high quality as those used in clinics and hospital labs
  • has instructions that are clear enough for lay-persons to easily use the test and interpret their results
  • contains advice on what to do with your result once you have completed the test
  • contains information on how to contact the manufacturer for help
  • encourages you to speak with your doctor regarding your health concerns

Self test kits aren't meant to replace traditional healthcare pathways but whether you get a positive or negative result, self tests can help prompt you to seek help from your pharmacist or doctor sooner than you might have done.

SELFCHECK self test kits are assembled in ISO13485:2016 certified UK laboratories.

SELFCHECK® is a registered trademark.

J R Biomedical Ltd is a member of the The British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA).

British In Vitro Diagnostics Association