SELFCHECK Hosts Successful Medical Self-Testing Day at Glyndwr University

SELFCHECK, a leading name in the field of medical self-test kits in the UK, recently organised a highly successful testing day for the staff at Glyndwr University in St Asaph. The event took place at the OpTIC centre, a part of Glyndwr University, and aimed to empower individuals to take control of their health through accessible, quality assured self-testing kits.

During this informative day, staff members from the OpTIC centre were given the opportunity to address their health concerns with a variety of self-test kits, including those for prostate health (PSA), stomach ulcers (H pylori), gluten sensitivity (coeliac disease), and cholesterol levels.

While the majority of participants received negative results, those who tested positive were provided with comprehensive information and encouraged to consult with their GP for further guidance.

Dr. Rees, Research Director at J R Biomedical Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm about the event, saying, "The SELFCHECK self-test range is assembled at our labs right here in St Asaph, North Wales. We were truly overwhelmed by the response to our testing day and the immense interest generated in our medical self-testing kits","I would be pleased to offer a similar testing day to local companies for their staff - the full range of tests is on our website".

SELFCHECK's range of self-test kits are CE certified, registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and assembled at ISO13485 certified laboratories. SELFCHECK is committed to using only quality components in their medical tests, sourced predominantly from UK and EU medical device companies. These kits are readily available at various leading retailers, including Superdrug, and at pharmacies across the UK. This accessibility ensures that people throughout the country can take advantage of these reliable and user-friendly medical self-testing diagnostics.

SELFCHECK is at the forefront of promoting accessible and reliable medical self-testing solutions in the UK. With their innovative range of CE-certified self-test kits, they empower individuals to monitor their health conveniently and proactively. The recent testing day at Glyndwr University was a resounding success, demonstrating SELFCHECK's commitment to improving public health and well-being.

For those seeking more information about SELFCHECK and their diverse range of self-test kits, please visit their official website at

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