Superdrug and SELFCHECK wellness self-testing kits

Wellness self-test kits available from Superdrug

Access to quality assured self-testing kits is now even easier, with the range of SELFCHECK wellness kits available from Superdrug stores and online.

Established over 10 years ago, and a pioneer in the self-test wellness sector, the SELFCHECK range includes tests for digestive health, sexually transmitted diseases and cancer screening. All the products meet stringent UK and EU regulations for self-test medical diagnostics, and are assembled in North Wales.

A spokesperson for SELFCHECK said, “Quality assurance, expert customer care, and reliable results, are the hallmarks of the SELFCHECK brand. Our easy-to-use tests allow anyone to test themselves in their own home, and check for a wide range of common medical conditions, with a result they can trust in minutes.”

“More people than ever are choosing to use self-testing wellness test kits to check for common health conditions, so it is important that SELFCHECK as a brand leader, can make our health checks as accessible as possible. Superdrug has a prime position in the UK to meet these requirements both in store and online.”

Self-testing wellness tests are not meant to replace traditional healthcare pathways, and anyone who has symptoms is encouraged to speak with their doctor who can arrange for tests if necessary. Anyone considering self-testing should take into account that no medical test by itself can diagnose a disease with 100% certainty, and all tests, whether used at home or by the hospital lab, will give some false positive or false negative results.


The SELFCHECK range of wellness self-testing kits was launched over ten years ago, by a Kent based start-up founded by an NHS biomedical scientist from Tunbridge Wells. In 2018 the business was acquired by a North Wales medical device company that also supplies the NHS, pharmaceutical wholesalers and research laboratories with laboratory diagnostics. Since then, the number of tests in the SELFCHECK range has almost doubled and are now assembled at their ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturing labs in St Asaph.

The SELFCHECK brand is based on quality assured, hospital-grade components, with devices being used for over a decade in hospital laboratories. All the medical components are sourced only from UK or European medical device manufacturers to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.

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