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SELFCHECK Iron Deficiency Test

SELFCHECK Iron Deficiency Test

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  • Finger-prick blood test
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Test at home
  • 98% agreement with laboratory tests
  • Assembled in the UK
  • Professional customer care

The SELFCHECK Iron Deficiency Test can help you find out whether your symptoms could be due to an iron deficiency, by measuring a protein called ferritin in your blood. The test has more than 98% agreement with laboratory tests.

The SELFCHECK Iron Deficiency Test is easy to use, requiring a small finger prick blood sample to perform the test and a visual result is available in less than 10 minutes.

Iron deficiency anemia mostly affects younger women and symptoms can include headaches, tiredness, lack of energy, palpitations, and hair loss. Measurement of a protein called ferritin in the blood, is a simple and more reliable indicator of iron deficiency anaemia compared to a full blood count.

Knowing that you have a low iron level can help you seek advice from your pharmacist and doctor to help you reduce the risks of long-term diseases associated with iron deficiency anaemia.

Not suitable if you have haemochromatosis.

Contains 1 test.

SELFCHECK - making self-testing better

  • professional, expert customer services
  • patented soft safety blood collection pipette
  • reliable results at home in minutes
  • assembled at our UK ISO 13485 certified labs
  • certified medical device quality assurance system
  • UK and EU medical component suppliers

Information for healthcare professionals

SELFCHECK has been a leading British brand of health checks for over 10 years.

At SELFCHECK, we're working hard to make self-testing better for your patients. All our tests are assembled at our quality assured (ISO13485) medical device facility in the UK, which also develops and supplies diagnostics for the NHS and research institutions. Through our experience and expertise in developing medical diagnostics, we also provide help for your patients so they can fully understand how our tests work, and how they should be used.

Better to know

We want you to be aware that no biomarker, even when checked by your hospital lab, is 100% perfect at diagnosing a specific medical condition. Because of this, a false positive result may cause unnecessary worry and further investigations, whilst a false negative result may give you peace of mind, when actually there may be an underlying condition that requires treatment. Rather than purchasing a self-test kit, you may wish to speak with your NHS GP first, who can arrange for tests if needed.

Make sure that you have considered what a result will mean to you before deciding to test. At SELFCHECK, you can also speak with our health check experts if you need help to use your test or interpret your results.

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