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SwimCount Sperm Test Kit | Male Fertility Test

SwimCount Sperm Test Kit | Male Fertility Test

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  • Semen sample
  • Results in 30 minutes
  • Measures sperm quality and quantity
  • Test at home in private
  • 96% agreement with laboratory tests
  • Made in Denmark
  • Professional customer care

The SwimCount sperm quality test kit is a unique, easy-to-use male fertility test that gives a fast and reliable result. The SwimCount test is CE certified by BSi, MHRA registered, and calibrated to the international standard for sperm quality. 

Sperm quality matters

Developed by fertility scientists, SwimCount is different to most other sperm test kits which only check the total quantity of sperm, which includes defective or damaged sperm, that are unable to result in conception.

In contrast, SwimCount checks both the quality and quantity of living, motile sperm (swimmers), as suggested by the NHS.*

Private & confidential - All orders are dispatched in plain packaging.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions in plain English
  • Easy-to-read results
  • 96% accurate compared with laboratory sperm analysis
  • calibrated to the WHO International Standard
  • test in private at home
  • reliable results in 30 minutes
  • developed and manufactured by fertility scientists in Denmark
  • CE certified by BSi and registered with MHRA
  • Clinically validated by independent, multi-centre trials

Contains 1 test

Male factors contribute to around 50% of problems for women trying to get pregnant. In general, around 20% of all men have poor sperm quality. As men get older, the sperm quality decreases making it more difficult for a successful conception. For some men, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help restore normal sperm quality but always speak with your doctor if you have symptoms that concern you, or before changing your medication.

Please note that SwimCount is meant as an aid to the diagnosis of male infertility and not as a check for vasectomy.

What the experts think

"The SwimCount Sperm Quality Test is a revolution for the early diagnosis of male infertility, which we must remember is the cause of 40% of infertility problems. Another 40% is due to women and the remaining 20% to unknown causes. We should not underestimate the importance of the male factor in reproduction and therefore, a test like this, which allows men to obtain an early diagnosis with a high degree of reliability in the comfort of their own home, is a breakthrough, and an advanced age is also a factor that influences the male fertility”. Dr. Marcos Meseguer Escrivá, IVF Scientist Supervisor, Fertility Clinic IVI, Valencia, Spain

"I think it potentially is going to go a long way. It is going to generate quite a lot of discussion among men. It helps you to plan things. It might not mean trying straight away, but it might stop you from waiting until you are 35."Dr. Guy Gudex, Medical Director of Auckland Fertility Clinic, New Zealand

"In my professional opinion, SwimCount is the closest product out there to a lab-based semen analysis. In fact, in tests it has proven over 94% reliable compared to a lab-based semen analysis." Claire Moran PhD, Senior Embryologist Claire Moran, PhD, Repromed Fertility Clinic, Kilkenny, Ireland

Why SwimCount gives you more of a result

Most other sperm test kits use a lateral flow cassette to detect proteins found in sperm as an indicator of the number of sperm in your sample, rather than detecting the sperm cells themselves. But this won't tell you whether the sperm are healthy, motile and likely to make a woman pregnant.

SwimCount is different. SwimCount uses the 'swim-up' technique found in tests used by fertility laboratories, which tells you whether the number of healthy, motile sperm are normal or low.

*"Some kits only check the number of sperm, not other things that can affect fertility such as how well the sperm are able to move (motility) – it's best to use a kit that measures both these things." NHS

SWIMCOUNT is a trademark of MotilityCount ApS

Information for healthcare professionals

SELFCHECK has been a leading British brand of health checks for over 10 years.

At SELFCHECK, we're working hard to make self-testing better for your patients. All our tests are assembled at our quality assured (ISO13485) medical device facility in the UK, which also develops and supplies diagnostics for the NHS and research institutions. Through our experience and expertise in developing medical diagnostics, we also provide help for your patients so they can fully understand how our tests work, and how they should be used.

Better to know

We want you to be aware that no biomarker, even when checked by your hospital lab, is 100% perfect at diagnosing a specific medical condition. Because of this, a false positive result may cause unnecessary worry and further investigations, whilst a false negative result may give you peace of mind, when actually there may be an underlying condition that requires treatment. Rather than purchasing a self-test kit, you may wish to speak with your NHS GP first, who can arrange for tests if needed.

Make sure that you have considered what a result will mean to you before deciding to test. At SELFCHECK, you can also speak with our health check experts if you need help to use your test or interpret your results.

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